Paques India Announces Partnership with Rezayat Group of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Paques Environmental Technology India Pvt. Ltd. and “Rezayat Water Services’’, a vertical of the Rezayat Group have entered into a partnership to form a network in the area of Waste Water Treatment and Sustainability in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
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Paques India Announces Partnership with Bahwan Group of the Sultanate of Oman

Paques Environmental Technology India Pvt. Ltd. and Bahwan Enterprises LLC have entered into a partnership to build a strategic network in the area of Waste Water Treatment and Sustainability in the Sultanate of Oman. The principle objective of this partnership is to further develop a standard that administers the exchange and usage of company products along the value chain. Paques strength in the wastewater & gas treatment sector, & Bahwan Enterprise’s success with local presence and strong project management capabilities in the area of Water, Energy & Power in the territory of Sultanate of Oman, the economy stands to gain from this collaboration. 
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Provincies Fryslân, Groningen en Drenthe bekijken start bouw innovatieve proeftuin BioBizz hub

De provincies Fryslân, Groningen en Drenthe én het Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland (SNN) brachten donderdagmiddag 9 januari 2020 gezamenlijk een werkbezoek aan de proeftuin BioBizz hub in Balk. Begin vorig jaar verleenden zij, samen met het ministerie van EZK, bijna € 2,3 miljoen euro subsidie, waarvan ruim €1.8 miljoen Europese subsidie (EFRO). Met de BioBizz hub versterkt Noord-Nederland zijn internationale kennis- en concurrentiepositie in de wereld op het gebied van water- en biobased technologie flink. De bouw van de proeftuin is in volle gang. In september 2020 zal de Biobizz hub geopend worden. Op dat moment zullen er minimaal 8 startups gevestigd zijn.
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Third participant BioBizz hub Greencovery signs Letter of Intent

The Wageningen startup Greencovery recently signed a Letter of Intent with which they showed serious interest in participating in the BioBizz hub that is planned at the Paques premises.
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TORWASH® technology successfully tested on pilot scale at wastewater treatment plant in The Netherlands

TORWASH® is a high temperature treatment of wet biomass streams. This treatment: (1) enables efficient mechanical dewatering of the biomass, (2) enables efficient removal of salts, (3) allows for sufficient biogas production from the effluent because of the mild conditions used, (4) facilitates the recovery of phosphorus and (5) makes the use of additives redundant.
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Paques helps circular startups accelerate their business

Paques is partner of BeStart, a unique startup accelerator that supports circular startups in bringing their technology to the market and accelerate their success. Wetsus, the European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology is also supporting the Bestart programme.
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Multi-million deal with Gasum signed by Paques Europe

End of December 2018, a multi-million contract with Gasum, the Nordic gas sector and energy market expert from Finland, was signed by Paques Europe. The contract included the supply of BIOPAQ®ICX anaerobic bioreactors and a THIOPAQ® gas desulphurisation installation in order to
treat the wastewater stream and production of biogas
from Stora Enso’s Nymölla paper Mill.

The energy company Gasum and Stora Enso have signed a contract in October 2018 to build a biogas plant at Stora Enso’s Nymölla paper mill in Sweden. The plant, built and operated by Gasum, will turn the mill’s waste water effluent into renewable energy.

Gasum plans to produce Liquefied Biogas (LBG) and sell this as fuel for cars, buses, trucks, and ferries. The Nymölla biogas plant project includes biogas production, upgrading and liquefaction. The expected LBG production of the plant is 220 MWh per day. Start-up is expected during 2020
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Doe mee aan de BeStart Challenge! Paques op zoek naar startups die toepassingen kunnen ontwikkelen voor ruwe PHA

Paques is in BeStart Challenge van 2019 op zoek naar startups die toepassingen kunnen ontwikkelen voor ruwe PHA. Hoewel dit een flinke uitdaging is vanwege de biomassa die zich in ruwe PHA bevindt, zijn er zeer interessante toepassingen mogelijk in bijvoorbeeld de landbouw en milieusector. Ruwe PHA is niet alleen veel goedkoper dan pure PHA, maar bevat ook nutriënten die bijvoorbeeld zouden kunnen worden gebruikt als natuurlijke meststof.
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Five water boards have pledged a financial contribution to the demo installation “PHA2USE” for the production of fully biodegradable bio plastics from waste water. This installation should be operational in 2021.The water authorities combine this initiative with an initiative of HVC to make PHA from their waste water. This creates more striking power. The joint demo installation (PHA2USE) requires an investment for which 2.5 million euros funding from the five water boards is now available. In addition, HVC and technology supplier Paques are investing in the joint project PHA2USE
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Water Knight starts in BioBizz hub as second participant

Beginning of January 2019,  Rahul Dahule from Water Knight had his first day in the BioBizz hub. Water Knight is the second start-up in the BioBizz hub.

Rahul is the director of the innovative start-up Water Knight that successfully developed a technology in the field of vortex cavitation. While the focus of EColoRO, our first start-up in the BioBizz hub, is on scaling up his technology, the focus of Water Knight is on “go to the market”.

The technology of Water Knight has added value in several market segments, including industrial waste water treatment plants. Water Knight’s  VoDCa product can for example improve the degradation of COD or the yield of digesters.

The coming months Paques and the BioBizz hub will work closely with Rahul on supporting him in his process to bring this technology to the market.
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“Let’s go green! with THIOPAQ® at Pollutec 2018

Pollutec 2018 will be held from 27 to 30 November at Lyon ExpoFrance. We are pleased to invite you to our booth 5G150 in Hall 5 during this new edition of Pollutec, to present you our biological technologies of (waste) water and gas treatment including our services.
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Ecoloro – first participant in the BioBizz hub

Although the facilities of the BioBizz hub will be realized the coming year, EColoRO Watertreatment is the first company to use the services that we offer. It is great that a company like EColoRO is already participating in this phase, because it gives us the opportunity to design the services of the BioBizz hub in close alignment with the future users.
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Paques Asia Pacific wins the Malaysian Dutch Business Council MISA 2018

On October 12, Paques Asia Pacific won the Malaysian Dutch Business Council MISA 2018 award in the category “ Best Environmental Innovation” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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Henk Ovink op bezoek bij Paques

Op uitnodiging van Water Alliance-directeur Hein Molenkamp bracht watergezant Henk Ovink op 14 augustus een bezoek aan Paques Balk (provincie Friesland. “Paques is lid van de Water Alliance en Henk Ovink zet overal ter wereld het belang van water op de agenda en laat daarbij ook zeer actief zien wat Nederlandse bedrijven kunnen betekenen”, aldus Molenkamp. “En dan gaat het over water in de brede zin van het woord; van deltawerken tot watertechnologie, tot zelfs de economische en geopolitieke gevolgen van de schaarste aan (zoet) water in de wereld. Vanuit onze focus op watertechnologie vonden wij het mooi om Ovink eens rond te laten leiden door een bedrijf dat de afgelopen decennia geweldig is gegroeid, innovatief is en inmiddels niet alleen water zuivert, maar ook intensief zoekt naar nieuwe technologieën om bijvoorbeeld bioplastics te produceren.”
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Paques Brasil receives Award Visão Agro

On July 24, Paques Brasil received the Award Visão Agro in an event at the Beira Rio Piracicaba Space.
Paques was pronounced the number one company in the category of water and effluent treatment in the south-central region of Brazil. 
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Paques presents ASTRASAND®COMPAQT, the compact version of its Astrasand continuous sand filter

At IFAT 2018 in Munich, water technology supplier Paques from The Netherlands, launched a new version of the Astrasand sand filter: the ASTRASAND®COMPAQT. This filter, which is 30% lower than the original version with the same filtration process, is based on the reliable continuous sand filtration technology that has been proven in the last 35 years.
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Paques declared Frisian Company of the Year 2018!

On Tuesday 10 April, Paques was elected Frisian Enterprise of the Year 2018, after an exciting final afternoon at three different locations in Leeuwarden.
"According to the jury, Paques is a high-tech, innovative and global organization. With three generations of Paques in a row, it is an inspiring example for enterprising Fryslân and an engine for high-quality employment. It is a sustainable company for which thinking in generations is more important than thinking in quarters ".
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Global Water Intelligence: Paques world leader in getting your process energy neutral!

The advantages of anaerobic wastewater treatment versus its aerobic counterpart – no energy required for aeration, less sludge production, and the generation of biogas – seem very attractive on paper, but their application has generally been limited to industrial wastewater treatment applications. Anaerobic treatment works best on wastewaters of high organic strength, which have high levels and usually temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius or over. However, developments in the technology over time have enabled the expansion of their potential application.
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King Harald of Norway opens new wastewater treatment system at Norske Skog Saugbrugs

On the third of April 2017, King Harald attended the opening of a new wastewater treatment and biogas upgrading system at the Norske Skog Saugbrugs mill in Halden, Norway.
Paques Europe delivered a biological industrial wastewater (BIOPAQ®IC) reactor and a THIOPAQ® installation for the desulpurisation of the biogas produced.
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Official opening new office/production location for Paques Environmental Technology India Pvt. Ltd.

Paques is proud to inform you that on the 17th of October 2016, in the honourable presence of the ambassador of the Netherlands, Mr. A.H.M. Stoelinga, the new factory of Paques Environmental Technology India Pvt. Ltd., will be inaugurated from the Dutch Embassy in New Delhi.

The official start will be marked by unveiling a plaque, which will be mounted in the new office and production facility in Sri City, on the east coast of South India, in a similar ceremony, the next day.
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PAQUES and OVIVO sign exclusive Licensing Agreement

PAQUES and OVIVO sign exclusive Licensing Agreement for the
ANAMMOX® technology in the North American municipal market.

Paques and Ovivo Inc. announced today that they have entered into an exclusive license agreement that will allow Ovivo to sell the ANAMMOX® technology in the municipal market in the USA and Canada.
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Newlight Technologies Signs 15-Year Production License Agreement With Paques Holdings bv

Balk, Netherlands, July 6, 2016

Newlight Technologies ( and Paques Holdings bv ( announced today that they have entered into a 15-year technology license agreement that will allow Paques to manufacture, process and sell bioplastics based on Newlight’s proprietary greenhouse gas to AirCarbon™ conversion technology, at a rate of up to 1.3 million metric tons per year. Under the agreement, Paques and Newlight will work together both commercially and technically to accelerate the expansion of AirCarbon production capacity globally.
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IFAT 2016: Paques presents flexible Biopaq-ICX for anaerobic industrial water treatment

During IFAT 2016, Paques presented the flexible Biopaq-ICX system for anaerobic industrial water treatment. With this modular system industries can easily upgrade their current reactor to a reactor with a higher loading rate and a better biogas production.
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Implementing innovative bio-processes in the Metal & Mining industry

This article advocates that more extensive exploitation of microorganisms in metal mining operations could be an important way to green up the industry, reducing environmental risks and improving the efficiency and the economy of metal recovery.
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Paques is selected by FD as Champion

FD (Financieel Dagblad) selects 'Champions': innovative companies that have shown that the Netherlands is too small for them, due to its own innovation, a product, service or technology.
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Interview Stephan Bocken, CEO Paques in Waterforum

Draconian measures in the land of the Dragon, helping Chinese companies to catch up with the new environmental rigor.

Recently China changed its environmental laws to the effect that CEO’s of companies that do not uphold the law can be sent straight to prison. China is developing in leaps and bounds through a process that took the Netherlands over half a century to complete. Stephan Bocken, CEO of globally operating but Friesland based Paques, observes that China and the other BRIC countries are catching up rapidly when it comes to implementing rigorous environmental standards. With a very strong presence in the land of the Dragon, Paques is successful in warding off the ever fiercer competition from local Chinese water companies.
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Article (in Dutch) in Financieel Dagblad: Call the Dutch for clean water

The Dutch are experts in water purification. But there is room for imporvement in promoting this expertise. Stephan Bocken (CEO Paques) and Cees Buisman (Director Wetsus Water Research Institute) share their thoughts in this article.
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International Mining - Better base recoveries

Article in 'International Mining' magazine: John Chadwick looks at a major SX-EW plant, a new THIOTEQ plant, Ammleach development and reagent news.
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Paques Global Operations

Recently, Paques has split up the organization in several Operating Companies and a Global Team.
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Paques present at FENASAN in São Paulo - Brazil

From July 30th to August 01st Paques was present at FENASAN in São Paulo - Brazil, exhibiting its technologies to the different market segments.
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'The Chunkinator' at Ben & Jerry's turns ice cream into energy

Ben & Jerry’s has become the first ice cream company in the world to power one of its factories using the by-products of ice cream.
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Stoke Bardolph project wins UK AD & Biogas Industry Award 2014

Severn Trent Water, NMC Nomenca and Paques have won the UK AD & Biogas Industry Award 2014 for Innovation in Sewage Treatment through AD for Severn Trent Water’s Stoke Bardolph project.
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Pertamina and Paques sign contract

On 21 November 2013, Pertamina, an Indonesian state-owned oil and natural gas corporation based in Jakarta, has signed a contract with Paques and Paqell.
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Paques present at IFAT India in Mumbai

From 24 to 26 October 2013, Paques will be present at India's leading trade fair for water, sewage, refuse and recycling, the IFAT INDIA.
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Stephan Bocken new CEO of Paques

Paques, market leader in the field of anaerobic wastewater treatment, appoints Stephan Bocken as new Chief Executive Officer.
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Winner of Lettinga Award 2013 announced

The winner of the Lettinga Award 2013, a prize of 25,000 euro, has been announced: Shiva Salek, PhD student from TU Delft, with her project proposal: “Adding value to Anaerobic Digestion technology by production of biobased materials (biocement and fertilizer) and methane enriched biogas using alkaline silicate minerals”.
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Paques at Crossing Continents

On May 28 2013 the seminar of the Dutch Financieel Dagblad on chances and risks for Dutch companies that wish to do business in Brazil and Colombia took place. Paques CEO Rob Heim was one of the speakers to share his vision on the expansion of Paques business activities to Brazil and South America.
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Onderzoeksprogramma STW

Onderzoeksprogramma STW en Paques naar rendabele winning van hernieuwbare producten uit biologische reststromen gaat van start.
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Rob Heim will leave Paques

Paques Holding bv, today announced that the contract of its Chief Executive Officer, Rob Heim, will be terminated by mutual agreement in the second half of 2013. Mr. Heim will continue to serve as CEO until his successor is nominated and a transition phase is completed.
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Officiële start CENIRELTA-project

Waterschap Hollandse Delta, Paques en STOWA werken gezamenlijk, met Europese LIFE+ subsidie, aan een veelbelovende energiezuinige technologie die afvalwater en daarmee het oppervlaktewater straks nog schoner maakt. Met de onthulling van het informatiebord is het CENIRELTA-project officieel van start gegaan. Het project loopt tot en met 2015.
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Ontmoet Paques op de AquaNederland vakbeurs!

Op dinsdag 19, woensdag 20 en donderdag 21 maart 2013 zijn wij aanwezig op de Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs in de Evenementenhal Gorinchem op stand nummer 201.
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EU research project on algae-based polymers kicks off: SPLASH

SPLASH – Sustainable Polymers from Algae Sugars and Hydrocarbons
On 19-21 November 2012 the twenty partners involved in an EU funded research programme held their kick-off meeting in Wageningen, The Netherlands.
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Paques Brasil officially opened by Princess Máxima

On the 21st of November 2012, Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima of the Netherlands inaugurated Paques Brasil Sistemas para Tratamento de Efluentes Ltda in Piracicaba, Brazil.
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Paques Shanghai celebrates 15 year anniversary

On Friday, 29th of July, Paques Shanghai celebreted its 15th anniversary together with all employees, selected partners and clients. They all experienced an outstanding and special day.
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New Rendac wastewater treatment plant produces energy

Balk/Son, 6th of June 2012 - Rendac Son (part of VION Ingredients) and the Dutch water technology company Paques have agreed on the construction of an innovative new wastewater treatment plant that will produce green energy.
Mehr lesen (Wednesday 6/6/2012)

Mike Jetten awarded with Spinoza Prize for discovery of Anammox bacteria!

The Dutch professor Mike Jetten won the highest scientific award of the Netherlands 2012. The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) recognizes his research and the significant impact on the understanding of the nitrogen cycle.
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Paques at IFAT ENTSORGA 2012 Munich!

Come visit an extraordinary Paques booth in Hall A1, stand 229/328.
Get your free E-Ticket now!
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Paques closes dynamic year 2011 with strong financial results

BALK - Water technology company Paques from the Netherlands has ended 2011 positively. The revenue increased by more than 30% to € 58,6 million, while the net profit strongly increased to 7 million euro.
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Mark van Loosdrecht wins Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize for the development of Anammox

Prof Mark van Loosdrecht of TU Delft has won the Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize 2012. This well-respected award recognizes his contribution to sustainable wastewater purification technology. The prize will be presented on Monday, July 2nd during the Singapore International Water Week.
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Paques, STW and Delft University of Technology join forces in biopolymer production from wastewater

Technology Foundation STW, Delft University of Technology and Paques signed an option contract, in which Paques acquires the right of first refusal of the results of the STW research project in which the biopolymer production from waste is investigated.
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SKion purchases significant stake in Paques

Skion GmbH, the investment firm of German entrepreneur Susanne Klatten (BMW, ALTANA, SGL), acquires a share of 20% in water technology company Paques from the Netherlands.
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Jos Pâques receives honorary doctorate from Delft University of Technology

Delft University of Technology confers an honorary doctorate on Jos Pâques, owner and founder of the water technology company Paques. The conferring will take place during the celebration of the 170th Dies Natalis of Delft University of Technology on Tuesday the 10th of January 2012.
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Paques at Aquatech

Visit us in Hall 7, stand 428.
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Paques Partner Event 2011

Shaping Our Future Together
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Jos Pâques awarded with Hoogewerff Gold Medal 2011

The Board of ‘Stichting Hoogewerff-Fonds’ awarded the Hoogewerff Gold Medal 2011 to Jos Pâques.
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Paqell B.V.: Shell-Paques joint venture

Shell and Paques create new JV to push bio-desulphurisation technology for Oil & Gas
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Annual results 2010

Paques closes last year positively.
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Unilever to create green energy at ice cream factory

Unilever and Paques just finalized the construction of a bio-digester at its Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory in Hellendoorn, the Netherlands.
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